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To reach the perfection.

Why Ludya Blinds?

Ludya upgrades the blinds’ quality by achieving a classic interior decor style. Easy to install functionality for our customers with sharp to elegance theme choices.


Ludya blind saves up to 80% in a long terms due to its durability, easy to install & uninstall, and long lasting features and colors. Ludya blinds are made with high quality materials from it’s headquater in South Korea and they work perfectly in bedrooms, dining rooms, lounge rooms and spaces in the homes where customer would like to block or filter the sunlight.


Our manufacture, Ludya Textile Ltd. have built excellent business partnership for 30 years in this industry and continue to thrive for better quality and service


Explore our products and experience the beauty inside.


Combi Screen with FDA |
ecofren | ATB_UV+


Combi Screen with FDA |
ecofren | ATB_UV+

Bio Blossom

Combi Screen with FDA |
ecofren | ATB_UV+ | Fireproof


Combi Screen with Fireproof


Combi Screen with FDA |
ecofren | ATB_UV+ | Fireproof

Magic Bamboo

Combi Screen with Fireproof


Our Strong Assets & Patents

Pre-Bio Process of the fabric and Patent

Method of producing natural dyeing stuff with beer sludge, resulting to produce natural dye that is environmental friendly

Two Way Span Dyeing Technique and Patent

Production method of the nano inorganic high performance and coated fabric

Polyester Dyeing Technique and Patent

Padding solution containing negative ion and the antimicrobial composition, a functional fabric using this method of manufacturing and preparation

Ludya holds exclusive techniques and business know-how for the World’s leading clients


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